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ART Exhibit
Holyoke Heritage State Park

September 1, 2023 - October 30, 2023

Celebrating Holyoke's 150th

Looking back & Looking Forward

Congratulations to all the award winners!


Grades K-5

Best Painting
1st Place: Dinosaur Ghosts, Zakaria Zian
2nd Place: The Holyoke Masterpiece, Sophie King
3rd Place: Untitled, Ben Pasquini
Honorable Mention: Dinosaur Track, Mina Zian

Best Mixed Medium
1st Place: Holyoke Makes One, Mirabelle Hines
2nd Place: Untitled, Jack McCarthy
3rd Place: A Rainbow in Holyoke, Sophia Williams

Grades 6-12

Best Painting
1st Place: Mad Hatter, Greyson Kozikowski
2nd Place: 150th Anniversary, Alissa Renee Hoar
3rd Place: Happy Birthday, Connor Briggs

Best Mixed Medium
1st Place: Volleyball Need More, Dominic Percy
2nd Place: Untitled, Daniel Blaha


Best Painting
1st Place: Boatlock Tailrace, Holyoke, MA, Kimberly Beauregard
2nd Place: 1908, Harold Dumas
3rd Place: When Smoke Was Good, Charles Gould
Honorable Mention:   

          The Convent, Lora Barrett
          The Armory at Sunset, Stephen Oparowski
          Light on Whiting Reservoir, Russell Steven Powell

Best Photograph
1st Place: Image of Forgotten Stairs, Brian Whalen
2nd Place: Holyoke City Hall, Norman Halpern, MD

Best 3D Art
1st Place: My City, Tom Kass

Best Mixed Medium
1st Place: Mt. Tom in Spring, Sandra Dias
2nd Place: Heading Home to Holyoke, Bridget Bresnahan
3rd Place: Sprinkling Hope and Happiness Over Holyoke, Beverly Sabourin

Best Poetry/Storytelling
1st Place: Golden Ages, Mary E. Johnson

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